Three of my favorite "roommates" ever!(Side note: John Ritter was a USC alum.He came to my play and I got to meet him.Then I fell down the stairs.It was such a Jack Tripper moment.Oh—and no,I did not tell him my grandma's cousin was Mrs.Roper.)

Tonight,my former roommate Marcie is taking me out to a nice dinner (lucky me!) and then to her husband Dirk's company holiday party.Also attending the party is someone she wants me to meet.His name is Brian.I know nothing else.But I'll tell you what: she knows aaaaalll the dirt on me.

I've known Marcie since I moved into her NYC Craigslisted apartment in 2003,and it is probably the greatest recommendation when someone has lived with you and still wants to introduce you to someone.Since Marcie and I have shared living quarters,she knows that I tend to play the same CDs over and over again—including showtunes!(To her credit,she tried to make me cool.She introduced me to the White Stripes,British television,Club Monaco,and the East Village.) She's aware that: I only do laundry every six weeks,I've been known to eat chimichangas in the a.m.,and I once found my diamond necklace in the trash can.(Our other roommate said that was "Classic Erin." But honestly,my desk had a ton of stuff on it and it must've gotten pushed off the edge.) Still,Marcie wants to introduce me.Wow!What a rec!

At home,I can be my worst Erin: casual,sloppy,and quiet.When Marcie and I lived together,I was often confined to my room because I had no money to go out.And I actually wrote in adiary.Like,with a pen.Onpaper.We didn't even have cable internet.We had a ginormous Yellow Pages that took up one expensive square foot of our living room.But I digress.

Marcie knows my dating history.She remembers Rich the law student I pined for,theSATC actorI made out with (Mom—he was wearing clothes when I met him),and Bradley,who made me take the subway an hour to see him,rather than get in his Range Rover and cruise uptown.So I'm not sure what this Brian guy is like,but looking at my general track record from 2003-2005,she probably knows it takes very little to impress me.HA!


Anyway,it should be fun.Marcie met her husband at a party she randomly crashed,so she's a mix-and-mingle pro.I tell ya,even if I don't like Brian,at least I found Marcie.Thanks,Craigslist.

Photo: Everett Collection.