So I know things have been quiet on the dating front recently,but I finally have some news for you.

My friend Matt is moving to New Zealand and threw himself a going-away party.Yes,he is not wearing pants.No,it wasn't that kind of party.

It all started last Saturday night at 3 am.(That's a good opening line,right?Shoulda saved it for my novel.) I had just gotten back to my apartment after a night of revelry and decided to check my email.In between the bills and junk was a Facebook friend request from someone I didn't know named Caitlin.So I clicked through and - hello!- she's pretty damn cute and lives in NYC.The liquid courage was still coursing thorough my veins and I decided to shoot her a message.Don't worry,I didn't say anything inappropriate.In fact,as ismy wont,I used ridiculously proper English to make some silly observation about the outfit she was wearing in her profile photo.The next day I got a clever reply explaining that she found me through the blog and decided to say hello.

We exchanged messages over the next few days,mainly about w88手机版登录fashion - homegirl is seriously stylish (check out herblog).I thought about asking her out,but the idea of dating a reader made me a little nervous.Thankfully,Caitlin took matters into her own hands and asked me out on Friday.I happily accepted and we met on Saturday night at a southern restaurant in her neighborhood.It was a good date - we continued our conversation about w88手机版登录fashion and touched all of the usual getting-to-know-you bases.However,there was one bumpy patch,and it was totally my fault.

Caitlin had a habit of unknowingly repeating herself,which is not a big deal,especially on a first date.But when she mentioned that her mother was from California for the third time I blurted out,"I know,you told me.Three times,actually." I meant to say it in a teasing way,which is my default mode with women,but it came off sounding really harsh and I could tell her feelings were hurt.We sat at the bar silently for a minute before I apologized.The conversation picked right back up and I don't think she held it against me,but I still felt like a jerk.While I don't anticipate a second date - the spark just wasn't there - I think she's a cool person and don't want her to resent me.I guess all I can do is resolve to be more sensitive in the future.What is the rudest thing you have said to a guy?


P.S.And it looks like I will have a chance to redeem myself soon - I met someone at a party over the weekend.Stay tuned.

P.P.S.I lovethisNew Yorker cartoon.