You guys,Jessie Spano is having a baby!Okay,so it's actually Elizabeth Berkley who is due this summer and I'm just so excited (Saved by the Bellfans,you can get the reference,right?) for her.

Elizabeth has been married to artist and clothing designer Greg Lauren since 2003.Elizabeth toldPeopleabout the news,"In life there are moments you cherish forever and this is one of them.We couldn't be more grateful and overjoyed."

Getty Images for the Michael J.

I don't know about you,but whenever a star that I grew up with announces that she's going to be a mom,I can't help but feel all nostalgic...and so,in honor of the news,I leave you with this SBTB montage (set to some cheesy 80s music) with some of the classic scenes from the show!

Elizabeth joins former castmates Mark-Paul Gosselaar,Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen in the parenthood club—how much would you love to see their offspring hanging out together one day?

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