Does your treadmill routine go something like this: 1) Get on.2) Walk/run for a while.3) Stop.

That's my ho-hum standard operating procedure,but after seeing howMyaworks out with her trainer,Nicole Winhoffer,using nothing but a treadmill,I feel like it may be time to up my game a little!

Take a look atthe video the two made for VIBE Vixen:

The workout is endurance-based,fusing cardio with toning moves for about an hour and a half—all of which takes place on a treadmill!There's skipping,jogging backward and sideways,squats,plus dance-based moves,like doing splits in the air while running (!).Nicole says doesn't like to spot train muscle groups;instead,she uses full-body moves: "When I train people it's to move into their imagination.The results come faster because women I train have more fun,and they're more involved and focused."

You know,it actuallydoeslook like it could be fun...but also super-challenging (and a little scary for not-always-coordinated people like me,who actually trippedupthe stairs this morning).Mya says she lost 20 pounds with the routine.

So what do you think: Would you ever try an extreme treadmill workout like Mya's?

Photo: Splash News;Video:VIBE Vixen