This is a big week for Brit Brit—her new album drops,she celebrates her 27th birthdaytodayand,last but certainly not least,her cover for the January issue of,ahem,Glamourhits stands.So,there is no better time to reflect on some of Britney's most memorable small screen moments,and weigh in on when she was hot… or not.

*Womanizer*Brit shows off both her ridiculously amazing physique—totally naked in a steam room scene,she is once again in enviable shape—and an ability to pull of a jet black Louise Brooks-style bob in her latest video hit.


Toxic Britney is all about the costume change.She's a scantily-clad airline stewardess with retro-styled hair and makeup;she's one giant crystal in a sheer,spangled bodysuit,icy blond hair and shimmering shadow;and finally,she's a superhero with matching crimson hair and makeup.


I'm a Slave For You

Tousled blond waves,tanned skin,black-rimmed eyes topped with heavy aqua shadow,and a whole lot of perspiration.Credit music video magic,because when the rest of us sweat through our hair and makeup,it never looks this good.

Oops I Did It Again

Britney goes back to the future.Her futuristic fem-bot look involves precisely flat-ironed and back-combed hair,sparkling white metallic eyeshadow,and high-gloss nude lips.

Baby One More Time

The first,and for some,the best,Britney 优德官方网站beauty moment—the innocence may have been faux,but those braided pigtails are real,and kinda amazing.

Now,it's up to you to decide.In which of these videos does Britney hit a 优德官方网站beauty high note?