Last week,I asked youto send in photos of yourself at your happiest and healthiest.What fun it's been to see your smiling faces and read your inspiring stories!Thanks to everyone who emailed me.Here are a few I thought you'd enjoy...

"This picture (above) was taken about a month ago while apple picking with friends (the best I've ever had!) at home in New Jersey.In the beginning of the school year when we all head off to different areas of the country,there are always the same worries: Will we drift apart?Will things be different when we all come home?Somehow though,when we all get together it is like we still see each other every day.I love knowing that I have a home and a great support group that makes me smile like this.I can almost hear myself laughing here!I believe strong relationships are essential to good health.--Tina,19,Brooklyn,New York

"I am no longer dealing with an eating disorder as I was before and I've put on about 15 pounds...I am not happy with my body but at the same time I am the healthiest I have ever been and it makes me feel good to know how healthy I am on the inside."--Libby,23,Thousand Oaks,California


"I am an avid social swing dancer and have been for about 10 years.Two years ago,one of my dancing friends asked if I was interested in practicing with him and competing.At the time,I had a fairly flexible schedule and no children and thought if I was ever going to give it a shot,now was the time.We started practicing together about four days a week,learning flips in the gymnastics studio,and choreographing solo routines.We performed at children's summer camps,did school assemblies,and traveled to several national competitions....I was definitely in the best shape of my life,and it was an amazing experience to be a "sort of" professional dancer for a while!I never smile as much as I do when I'm dancing!This picture is me and my partner captured while out at a weekend social dance."--Colleen,28,Annapolis,Maryland

"My neighbor,Susan,took this photo of me coming home after I had my first date after my husband had passed away a year and a half earlier.I really liked the guy,and I felt happy and alive in a way I didn't know if I would feel again.Susan said I was glowing opalescent!Plus I had just completed a 40-mile hike in the Sierras,and I felt strong and healthy."--Peg,48,Navato,California

__How do you look at your healthiest and happiest?Emailme a photo!