The Secrets Behind Our Summer Obsession: Lifetime's UnREAL

Sorry Chris Harrison ,but UnREAL isn't going away any time soon.Even before Monday night's season finale airs,Lifetime has announced that their freshman hit has been renewed for a second season to premiere sometime in 2016.But before we look ahead,there's plenty to discuss about season one,which has been way more interesting than anything we saw this summer on The Bachelorette .At last night's PaleyLive: An Evening with UnREAL presented by the Paley Center for Media,the cast and creators spilled secrets and showed off incredible transformations.

Constance Zimmer on playing Quinn King : Zimmer says that early on,"there were many conversations making sure that Quinn was relatable.Not necessarily likable,but relatable."In fact,Zimmer says she was even"afraid"of Quinn in the beginning."She might blur the lines of what's appropriate,but so do so many of us in our jobs.""

The Casting Process : Co-creator and supervising producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro revealed that they saw a lot of actresses for the role of Quinn,but once Constance Zimmer walked in,they knew.Same with Shiri Appleby."We knew we were done,and Constance was the same way.""

Quinn's Foul-Mouthed Vocabulary : Zimmer admitted she had to really fight for the line"old shriveled pussy"in the pilot episode.The fact that she was even able to have her opinion heard was a huge victory for the actress,who says she's never been invited to be so involved with the evolution of a character."When that happened,you start weeping because that's such a collaboration.That rarely happens,"stated the actress.

Legal Ties : Zimmer actually met her UnREAL love interest,Craig Bierko,on the set of David E.凯利的 Boston Legal nearly 10 years ago.Zimmer played Claire Simms,while Bierko was Jeffrey Coho.

Craig Bierko on Chet : The Everlasting honcho isn't exactly a moral guy,but Bierko says that"all these characters are genuine in their own way and are fighting for their souls."Still,"I think Chet is a bit further down the road than most!""

Hair and Makeup : Something that surprised the actors in the beginning was the lack of vanity that was required to inhibit the roles.For instance,, Shiri Appleby (Rachel Goldberg) is in and out of the hair and makeup trailer"in 20 minutes."To portray the authenticity of the character's job demands,"it's OK if there's flyaways and if I have bags under my eyes.I'm going to look what it's like to be on set 16 hours a day."Zimmer pointed out that it's different for actresses on set for long hours,as they have a hair and makeup team touching them up throughout the day,but the crew never does."That's the reality of television in general.You can't hold up in 16 hour days,"says Zimmer.And as for Bierko's Chet,he couldn't believe when he saw his character's staple uniform of track pants and a T-shirt."I said,'This is a man not in charge of his faculties!'"But Bierko did have one request:"I wanted to wear [nice] pants when Chet proposed to Quinn.It was a big deal for him to wear pants instead of sweat pants or track pants.""

Physical Transformation : At the panel,Bierko showed off a noticeable physical transformation,explaining that before he got cast on UnREAL ,"I had put on weight independently.I am not that dedicated to anyone or anything [to do it for a character]."Bierko recalled a funny account on set when he caught himself in the monitors and said,"I think I gotta lose 15 pounds.Shiri was nearby and said,'No,50.' I was like,'15?' and she said,'No,50!""

A Bachelorette Version of Everlasting : The audience applauded enthusiastically when Zimmer mentioned that contestant Faith (played by Breeda Wool) should be the female suitor next season.In fact,the writers have already been thinking about a potential spin-off with Faith in that role."We always knew Faith would be a crowd favorite,"explains Shapiro.What was Wool's reaction to that news that Faith might have plenty of more airtime next year?"I just pooped my pants!"No matter what develops creatively,Wool added that she took Faith's journey quite seriously."Sarah told me my story arc at a cocktail party.I felt like this was a very important gift that I had been given by Marti [Noxon] and Sarah.I felt like I had to tell it truthfully and not mess it up.It landed right on the marriage equality act weekend,and I felt like it was a long chain of kismet things about the show.""

Reality-TV Watching : There was not a lot of talk about the actual Bachelor franchise,but Appleby did admit that she's an avid watcher of Keeping Up with the Kardashians ."It's like catnip!""

__For more on UnREAL ,check out our interview with Shiri Appleby here .And if you can't get enough,Lifetime will air a season one marathon on Monday,August 3,before the finale.__

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