After nearly three years of debate,leaders from 193 nations are expected to adopt17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) at a special summit kicking off on Friday,September 25,at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.The Global Goals—meant to end poverty,promote gender equality,protect the planet,and more—will replace theMillennium Development Goalsadopted in 2000,and are set to be accomplished by 2030.

After an address fromPope Francisand,in a surprise twist,a performance by Colombian singerShakira,world leaders and representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations will have the chance to engage in "interactive dialogues" about the Global Goals' main themes.

A short film introducing the new goals was projected onto the UN Headquarters.

Amnesty International,the Hunger Project,and the Global Campaign For Education are just a few organizations sending representatives discuss ending poverty and hunger,empowering women,fostering sustainable and economic growth,building inclusive educational institutions,and combating climate change.Celebrities such as Kate Winslet,Kristen Bell,Mindy Kaling,John Legend,and Jamie Oliver have lent their support to the initiative.

Helen Clark,administrator of the United Nations Development Program,toldReutersthat the three-day meeting is an opportunity "to give the global goals a really good launch."

The 17 goals come with a total of 169 targets to incorporate and implement programs,policies,and parliaments,Reutersreports.But "these goals will or won't happen depending on whether governments decide to take them seriously," Clark told the newswire.The goals and targets aren't mandatory—but it's expected the leaders who meet at the summit will work to implement them.


__Here are the 17 goals world leaders and organizational representatives will adopt,then—we hope—crush by 2030,according tothe UN's website: __

1.No poverty.The UN hopes to eradicate extreme poverty—defined by living on less than $1.25 a day—for all people everywhere.It also aims to cut the number of people living in poverty (as defined by the country where they live) in half.

2.Zero hunger.It's time to make sure all people have year-round access to safe,nutritious and sufficient food,world leaders say.They'll also work to end all forms of malnutrition.

3.Good health and well-being.According to theWorld Health Organization,800 womena daydie from complications of childbirth.The UN will attempt to reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 deaths per 100,000 live births,plus end the epidemics of AIDS,tuberculosis,malaria,and neglected tropical diseases.

4.Quality education.World leaders want all girls and boys to complete free primary and secondary schooling,and have access to early childhood development care.They'd also like to see all youth achieve literacy,stat.

5.Gender equality.That means no more discrimination and violence against women and girls.Plus,the UN will work to get rid of practices such as forced marriages and female genital mutilation,and ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare.

6.Clean water and sanitation.We still live in a world where11 percent of the global populationdoesn't have access to an improved source of drinking water,but these goals would put a stop to that.World leaders will also work to improve water quality by reducing pollution,eliminating dumping,and limiting the amount of hazardous chemicals that leak into water supplies.

__7.Affordable and clean energy.__The UN would like to ensure universal access to affordable,reliable,and modern energy services—that includes electricity—and double the energy efficiency around the globe.

8.Decent work and economic growth.To world leaders,that means making sure all men and women—including those with disabilities—have full,productive employment and decent work.They also want to end forced labor and promote safe work environments.

9.Industry,innovation,and infrastructure.Not every nation is an industrialized one,but the UN would like to promote sustainable industrialization in all countries,plus upgrade those countries' technological capabilities.

10.Reduced inequalities.Inequality goals will address the safe migration of people across national borders,plus attempt to increase the representation of developing countries in organizations—especially financial institutions—with decision-making power.

11.Sustainable cities and communities.The UN has goals to ensure access for all to adequate,safe and affordable housing and basic services—and the transportation systems to get them there.

12.Responsive consumption and production.World leaders would like to start sustainably managing and efficiently using the globe's natural resources,as well as halve our global food waste at retail and consumer levels.

13.Climate action.People talk a lot about climate change,but the UN feels it's time to integrate climate change measures into national policies,strategies and planning.It will also work to improve the world's awareness ofglobal warming.

14.Life below water.World leaders care about sea creatures,too.They'll work to prevent and reduce marine pollution,and protect marine and coastal ecosystems.

15.Life on land.The UN wants to halt deforestation and restore degraded forests,as well as combat desertification and restore degraded land and soil.

16.Peace and justice strong institutions.WithCecil the Lion's slayingstill fresh in our minds,world leaders will promise to end poaching and trafficking of protected species.


__17.Partnerships for the goals.__To meet these goals,the UN will mobilize its resources and ask other nations and organizations to do the same.

__VisitGlobalGoals.orgto find out how you can take action,whether bytweeting to support girls' educationwith First Lady Michelle Obama,taking a#GlobalGoals selfie,or one of the other actionable steps offered by the campaign.__