I Just Discovered the Two Words That Define My Entire Sex Life

I just discovered the two words that define my entire outlook on sex and relationships:"sex positive.""


What're they doing?Who knows!But as long as they're down with it,so am I.

That's thanks to an eye-opening and brilliant article a friend recently sent me,which explains:

["Sex positivity"is] the idea that one's sexual preferences are a matter of personal choice,and that within the confines of informed consent,those preferences should not be subject to the moral imposition of others.

So if sleeping with 10 different people 10 days in a row (or,hell,at the exact same time) is your thing—more power to you!As long as all those involved have consented and you're not knowingly spreading some gnarly STIs,no one should be tisking at you in judgment.

Similarly,if you're the type of person that's embracing a period of celibacy,or perhaps you like to wait longer periods of time before engaging sexually with someone,that's fantastic too!The point is that your lifestyle is your choice,and what you do in your bedroom has no impact on what I do in mine.

After moving across the country,the writer says he's shocked that while seemingly"everyone in San Francisco"was familiar with"sex positive,"most Chicagoans had never heard it.In a brief and unscientific survey,I found almost none of my New York friends know the term either.That includes me,despite the fact I'm,um,you know,a sex and relationships blogger.Whoops.

But now that's changed,and"sex positive"is rocking my socks: it's a philosophy I've promoted without knowing it existed.It's long been an integral part of my identity—only now it has a name.

And it goes beyond open-mindedness of others' preferences and relationships.It's about advocating for sex education and safe sex.It's about honoring and celebrating desire or lack thereof in yourself and others.

It's about encouraging health,respect,consent,expression,和爱而战斗的耻辱,judgment,and repression.You don't have to identify as"sex-positive,"but I hope you'll join in that fight.Maybe you already have.

(Want to find out if you're sex positive?Read this article from our friends at The Frisky.)

Do you support the idea of sex positivity??

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