Afterfeasting my eyes on Keira Knightley's vintage-inspired lace dressthis morning,I got in the mood to read one of those trashy bodice-ripper books and speak with a faux British accent and plunder my own closet for something floral and frilly that would make me look like I was from another era.And then along came Sam with a much better rendition of the look than I could have possibly come up with,and earned herself the title of Today's Best Dressed Reader.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes:Hot Topic

Tights: We Love Colors

Bow: really a belt,added by Sam...

No one item in this outfit is expensive,but you'd never know that by looking at it.Almost any short dress can look gorgeous with the addition of opaque black tights and simple black shoes (her T-straps are adorably youthful and yet with the heel,still sophisticated).I also love that Sam took an old ribbon belt and turned it into a makeshift scarf,turning the dress from pretty cute to completely special.What do you guys think of her look?

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