As a woman,it isn't always easy traveling alone—especially off the beaten path,through more remote parts of the world—but Australian photographer Candace Lau came up with an idea that gave her the opportunity to make her way through parts of Afghanistan,Pakistan,and Iran with relative ease.

Because of her short hair and androgynous choice of apparel,Lau was often mistaken for a man while traveling through the Middle East and parts of South Asia.

"With the men,I tell them I'm a boy,"she told Yahoo's Paula Froelich."With the girls,I tell them I'm a girl."

Pretending to be a man gave Lau access to communities and social opportunities that women would otherwise be excluded from—like candid conversations about relationships,freedom to eat and stay in traditionally male travel venues,and more.

Check out her video,below:

What do you think about Lau's decision to pretend to be a man on her travels?To be honest,I'd be nervous to be discovered.Was it risky or was it brilliant—or maybe a little bit of both?Tell us what you think in the comments below.