There are a few things a man can hold in his arms that will immediately win a woman over.Flowers,puppies,and a box of pizza are high on the list,but it's hard to deny that a baby might grab the number one spot.There's something about seeing a guy cooing over a little one that can make the ovaries of even the least maternal woman get a little vocal,and science agrees.Women were more likely to give their phone number to a man after seeing him with a baby,according to researchin theJournal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

In this very fun-sounding study,a guy sat close to young women who were out solo.A woman pretending to be his sister sat with him along with her baby.The guy either turned up the charm by interacting with the baby in a sweet,playful way or completely ignored him (pretty hard to do when faced with an adorable kid!).The "sister" and baby left,and the guy tested his luck with the female participants by giving them compliments,then asking for their numbers.When the man treated the baby affectionately,40 percent of the women were willing to hand over their contact information.When he gave the baby the cold shoulder?Only 12 percent of the ladies would give him their number.Basically,science just backed up the fact thatChris Hemsworthgot even hotter after he became a dad!

Does watching a cute guy play with a baby make you a little starry-eyed too?