Deluxe-size Cake N' Cream,$50.

There are amazing—and amazingly easy—ways to buy pretty much anything online,but buying flowers online has always kind of sucked.It feels like the popular florist sites show you a picture of a huge bouquet with a $19.99 price tag,but when all is said and done,you wind up spending $70 (handling fees!delivery charges!other hidden costs!).So I'm super excited to try out the new online floristthe Bouqs,which wewrote about on Valentine's Day.Here's what makes this site stand out from the crowd of tacky,fern-filled vases.

No bait-and-switch pricing.The $50 bouquet above costs (insert drumroll) $50 for weekday delivery!That includes the same number of flowers in the picture AND shipping.California residents have to pay tax,but there are no secret fees that will double your bill before you click "Submit Order."

No annoying upsells. Would you like to quadruple your bouquet for an extra $50?Send it in a $200 vase?Add on $60 chocolates?Send it glazed in unicorn tears for a mere $100?They give you the flowers you ask for without pushing a bunch of nonsense.(Who's buying those holiday-themed plush bears,anyway?!)

No ugly vases.We all own vases,right?So I don't need someone sending me the generic glass florist vase—or worse,the "fancy" version.(Every office I've ever worked in has had the cabinet of dusty,abandoned bouquet vases.Is this a common phenomenon?)

All this,and the flowers are majorly pretty.


Deluxe-size Glitz,$60.

Which of these arrangements is your fave?Have you always hated ordering flowers online too?Have any of your tried out the Bouqs?

Oh,and if you go on the site now,there's a tab to save 20 percent on your first order!Rad.