2016 College Women of the Year: Sara Volz

It's the 59th anniversary of our College Women of the Year competition,and this year's winners have a few ideas on how to push the world forward.Let their dreams inspire your own.

__"My research might help cure cancer—how cool is that?" __

Sara Volz,20,Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"There's a saying I love: 'Science is a verb.' It's something you do,not something you study.It's exciting to question the world.At MIT I'm researching genome editing using a tool called CRISPR.It's a game changer—CRISPR is like scissors for DNA that can cut out bad genes and insert good ones.In 2014 my professor and I,along with a Ph.D.student,discovered how to turn one specific protein on and off in a cell.To think I'm helping push this biotechnology forward so that someday we can cure diseases?I'm proud of that.Not every experiment is successful;science is about failure.But each time you learn something."

—*Volz,a chemistry major,won Intel's 2013 Science Talent Search,and is co-author of two papers on CRISPR inNature Biotechnologyand *Cell.

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