Do you guys read theModern Lovesection in the New York Times?Yesterday,Lauren Slater wrote about how she just,well,doesn't really like sex."Sex interests me these days about as much as playing checkers," she says."I have never much liked sex because,when all is said and done,there's not much to like.I mean,really: What is the big deal?"

The shocking part?

Slater is head-over-heels in love with her husband and has been married to him for years.But she just doesn't want to have sex with him--or anyone."I am miserable about our lack of a sex life because it makes my husband miserable and cold and withdrawn," she says."It is so unhappy,living this way."

It's a sad sweetstory,and I like that she is so honest about her feelings.

So,I'm curious,dear readers: In your relationship,who craves sex more--you or your man?Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person just doesn't really like sex?

Who has a bigger sex drive,you or your boyfriend?


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Photo:Emilie Bjork