This is not a photo of me,since I don't know what to do with a manual transmission.But like this girl,I do drive barefoot!

My friend Jen and I are planning our trip to Italy next week (I'll be there forSofia'swedding).We'll be exploring Tuscany,and we need to rent a car.Thing is,in a lot of foreign countries,automatic cars aren't as common as they are here—and therefore they're expensive.For five days,it will be $650,not including gas.Ouch!But neither Jen nor I know how to drive a manual transmission.We're screwed.

It was the same in Iceland—only about 10 percent of the cars on that island are automatic—butmy friend Kate did all the driving.

I'm pretty sure all guys know how to drive stick.Why don't some of us women know?I've had a few lessons,but they didn't,um,stick.I've also been told that not being able to drive manual is an American thing.But hey,who wants to sit intrafficwith a stick??

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