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Kristen Stewart's Colorist Shares 3 Rules for Going Platinum Blond


If you've scanned the red carpet in the last few months one thing is clear:Major-commitment platinum blondis having a moment.One of the ultimate 优德官方网站beauty dares,it's hard to resist the temptation to indulge in the look at least once in life.For all the girls out there who are blond curious and want to learn more [Ed note: Hi,me.],we tappedMarie Robinson,the NYC-based colorist responsible forKristen Stewart's recent Debbie Harry–inspired look,to share a few tips on taking the peroxide plunge.

Rule #1: Get granular with your references.

While saving photos of a few bleached-blond celebrities to your phone might seem like enough preappointment research,it's not.Robinson recommends narrowing down your references beforehand,or with the help of your colorist on the day of your appointment.Bottom line: Not all blondes were created equal.

To illustrate just how much the pendulum can swing,we asked her to identify the differences between the hair color of three of our favorite newly bleach-blond It-girls.Here's what she said: "Kristenhas a more severe natural root and whiter mid-length and ends,as if her hair was a grown-out double process.Jennifer Lawrence's hair,on the other hand,consists of various shades of baby blond,making it a bit old Hollywood.AndTaylor Swift's hairis a warm,highlight-free platinum blond.It's more punk than glam."

Rule #2: Consider a shorter,more defined haircut.

Instead of simply taking your current look from dark to light Robinson recommends booking a haircut appointment as well."You need a great cut like the one Adir [Abergel] gave Kristen," she emphasizes."Hair as blond as this is already is a statement and if you have hair that's too long it can overwhelm your face.Keeping it shorter will also prevent your hair from looking too damaged,which can happen to very dark hair once it's lifted."Here are some of our favorite styles for spring,plustips on how to protect your hairlong after you leave the salon.

Rule #3: Don't go crazy tinting your brows.

It might feel weird to leave your brows super-dark when your hair is the color of sand,but Robinson stands behind the natural brow—no matter what's happening with your mane."A full brow always looks very youthful;even if you make your hair unnaturally blond.If you go too blond with your brows,it can wash out your complexion and keep your eye color from popping.The brow is what frames the eyes,so you want to keep it strong."

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