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我的秘密有长,Shiny Hair (It Costs Absolutely Nothing!)

We recently asked you all to share your shiny hair secrets.Here's what I think is one of the most important secrets of all,when it comes to keeping hair shiny as it gets longer.

We recently asked you all toshare your shiny hair secrets.Here's what I think is one of the most important secrets of all,when it comes to keeping hair shiny as it gets longer.

Here's my hair.You may have seen this photo before--but I wasn't about to snap a new hair photo on a cruddy,rainy day like the one we're having today!

The trick I have used for a long time: I usually let my hair get about 80 percent dry before I start blowing it out with my round brush and hair dryer.There are two reasons for this.One,it cuts WAY back on the amount of time that my hair is exposed to the dryer's intense heat,meaning my hair gets much less dried out over time (and I don't have crazy split-end situations,as long as I trim every four months or so).Two,drier hair is less prone to breakage under the tugging/pulling motion of a brush than sopping wet hair is.

The caveat is that my blowouts come out more shapely and smooth if I start drying from a fully drenched state,so on special occasions,I do blow dry right out of the shower.If you wait longer,you sometimes give frizz more of a chance to crop up.But in general,I find that I can get a smooth and shiny finish even after air-drying 80 percent of the way.

How long do you wait to blow dry your hair after you get out of the shower?Do any of you dislike letting your hair partially air dry first?

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