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WritesSave the Datereader Chloe:

I got married last month and I have an issue I could use some help with.Most of the gifts we received were cash and checks,and it turned out the card box we set out was too small.Several guests wound up handing their gifts to my groom or another family member,which was fine.But one giftmaybe missing.We didn't get anything from one couple,a childhood friend—which is totally fine by me.The guests in question are young,living in an expensive city,and came in from out of town for the wedding.Having them there was gift enough!But if there was a gift that got misplaced,I'd like to track it down so I can send a proper thank-you.How do I tactfully ask if they brought a gift without sounding like I'm hustling for one?

Here are my thoughts:

I justHATEawkward conversations,so if I were in your shoes,I'd write a sincere thank-you note letting the couple know how happy you were that they traveled to celebrate with you,and how much you enjoyed having them at your wedding.If they intentionally didn't give a gift,then you've thanked them for what they did give—their presence—and if they did give a gift that's not mentioned in the card,they'll probably double-check to make sure you received it.

Of course you could just flat-out ask your friend,but I can't think of a way to phrase the question without sounding like you're poking around for gift.

Ladies,what do you think?Can Chloe ask her friend about the gift without seeming like a gift-grabber?Should she just let it go?

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