It's been happening for a while,but theNicki Minajmakeunder seems like it's here to stay.

We saw her atNew York w88手机版登录Fashion Weekwearing what seems to be her new (and relatively subdued) uniform: platinum blond hair,inky dark lashes,and a sleek black dress of sorts.While the cheetah-print hair and green wigs were fun,we'll admit that we're on board with this decidedly more grown-up look.

We emailed recently with the singer,who just launched her second fragranceMinajesty,about her style evolution,back-in-the-day scent memories,and whatshereally thought about all those wacky hair moments:

GLAMOUR:How does this scent differ from your first blend?

NICKI MINAJ:They're both keepers,but this one is less playful,more sexy.

GLAMOUR:What was your first fragrance memory?

NICKI MINAJ:My mother used to wear Acapella in the '80s,so that would always remind me of her.She sold Mary Kay and Avon for a short time.I used to wear Imari as a kid.

GLAMOUR:What's your perfume-applying process?

NICKI MINAJ:Right after the shower,I spray it all over.When I put on clothes,I spray it all over again.

GLAMOUR:What's a fragrance DON'T in your book?

NICKI MINAJ:Wearing something because you think someone else likes it.Fragrance should makeyoufeel happy.

GLAMOUR:: Your hair and makeup look has evolved recently.Can you explain the shift to this pared-down look?

NICKI MINAJ:I just wanted to tone down,and I met the man who changed my life—[hairstylist] Oscar James.He was recommended to me by the beautiful Tyra Banks.He really understands hair.Hair doesn't have to be overprocessed and fried,even when you apply color.I've never been happier.With makeup,I started using more natural tones.I never thought I'd love nude lipstick,but I really do.I just feel sexier.Less is definitely more.

GLAMOUR:You grew up in New York City.Who inspired your hair and makeup looks when you were in high school?Who are your 优德官方网站beauty icons today?

NICKI MINAJ:I think my friends and I were influenced by Monica,TLC,Aaliyah.I think we all cut our hair in the front like Monica and T-Boz and started getting blond streaks.Today,I just do what I feel.


GLAMOUR:What was your most regrettable hair look?

NICKI MINAJ:How much time do you have?Haha!We'd be here all night.

Photo: Getty Images