Being Muslim in America—especially in 2017—isn't easy.By most accounts,对穆斯林美国人的仇恨犯罪 are on the rise,and the当前管理似乎激光聚焦于制定针对穆斯林的移民政策。仍然,in spite of that—or maybe because of it—there are a number of hijab-wearing women shattering stereotypes of both the often misunderstood traditional veil and their culture in general,while using w88手机版登录fashion to do it.

Nura Afia,a 优德官方网站beauty vlogger,was hired as a CoverGirl ambassador last year,公司第一个戴头巾,和亚丁哈利马在选美比赛中戴着头巾,接着优德官方网站走跑道在2月份的纽约和巴黎时装周期间w88手机版登录

And then there's the rise of the hijab-wearing w88手机版登录fashion blogger and Instagram star,谁说穿一件并不意味着放弃个人风格?nor does it signify oppression.Three of these women shared with魅力他们是如何利用服装打破陈规的,along with the very personal reasons they've decided to wear a hijab.

Sobia Masood,@索比卡诺比

“我决定在Instagram上记录我的风格,这与我决定在大学一年级开始戴头巾不谋而合。我在高中时非常喜欢时尚。w88手机版登录however,I was very hesitant to wear the hijab [then] because I thought it would mean compromising my personal style….I [started to] realize that modesty and w88手机版登录fashion were not mutually exclusive,而且,事实上,they go hand in hand.当然,有一些即兴表演,但[个人风格]归根结底就是穿着舒适的衣服。


对穆斯林妇女来说,头巾是很私人的东西,这对每个人都意味着不同的东西。为了我,personally,it serves a [dual] purpose: [It's] a means in which I use to strengthen my relationship with God and a means of empowerment.头巾不仅仅是身体上的遮盖,这是关于谦虚的美德,我努力灌输给自己,希望成为一个更好的人。也,as a woman living in a hyper-sexualized society,I feel extremely empowered when I wear hijab because it rejects any possibility of objectification.It forces society to look past my appearance and to look at me for what is important: my intellect.

这些天我把我的头巾包得太紧了,一部分出于蔑视,一部分出于恐惧。我觉得作为一个美国穆斯林妇女,站起来反对偏执和不宽容是我的责任。I'm hopeful my presence on social media supports this agenda of activism by continuing to break stereotypes and stigmas.I see somewhat of a revolution going on among my fellow American women.I see creative platforms being used to power change,我知道当我们为了更大的事业而聚在一起时,we succeed."

Courtesy of Heba Jay

Heba Jay @heba_jay

"I started on Instagram back 2012,posting my outfits,and was getting comments that people wanted to see more and more [from me].There weren't a lot of Muslim girls in the mainstream blogging world back then,如果你想时髦,想戴头巾的话,就没有人值得尊敬了。w88手机版登录



I see the women I know who wear hijabs reacting in two ways [to the political climate].一是他们非常害怕,脱掉了头巾。It's hard to ignore the [amount of] hate crimes that are happening against Muslims.People really are scared.For others [like me],它使人们更加渴望保持这种状态。

More and more,我看到的主流是为戴头巾的女性提供服务。耐克刚刚推出了有史以来第一款运动型[版本]。在盖普的耶兹秀上有个模特,她在巴黎和米兰时装周时散步,真是太棒了。w88手机版登录

I follow all kinds of women on Instagram to get inspiration,and I'm hoping all kinds of women can follow me for inspiration.我不仅仅是头巾。我见过这么多的博主与诺德斯特罗姆和塞福拉这样的商店有着巨大的合作。I want to see it to become more common for women like me to be working with brands and to be more visible."


Hassanah El-Yacoubi,为她完美@hassanah_pfh

"I started my blog when I was in college in 2009 to help some friends that were struggling to be w88手机版登录fashionable while wearing the hijab.This was a time when modest w88手机版登录fashions weren't easily accessible,and so it was a tedious task to put together a cute and chic outfit that was modest.它需要更多的工作,more attention to detail,and more time.我想证明这并不像看起来那么时尚和谦虚,w88手机版登录所以我的博客成为了寻找这种风格女性的灵感来源。

尽管妇女在使其穆斯林身份在各个渠道得到承认和理解方面取得了巨大进展,there are still people who view the headscarf as a backward tradition that has no place in modern society,令人难以置信的沮丧。我真的认为这是因为大多数人依赖媒体对穆斯林的描绘,这[在很多情况下]误解了我们的真实身份。

我之所以继续写博客,花这么多时间来保持内容的一致性,尽管我是个全职博士。学生是因为我的读者对它的反应。When my supporters share stories with me about how my blog has inspired them to feel confident in being a Muslim woman and how they feel empowered to own their religious identity,it gives me the boost to continue to do what I'm doing.

我从来没有为成为一个引人注目的穆斯林妇女和做我所做的工作感到骄傲。在当地和全国范围内,非穆斯林向社区展示了大量的爱和支持,这令人难以置信。It's reassured me that there's more love than there is hate,我们并不是唯一一个反对宗教偏见的人。它提醒我,现在,more than ever,we need authentic representations of Muslim-Americans and the great work that they're doing.在我们生活的后真相时代,we can't rely on the media's representation of who we are.It is our job to tell our own stories and that's exactly what I'm doing with my blog."