Last night onReal Housewives of New York City,supermodel Kelly drank beer (awesome--I love beer!),Bethanny announced her engagement but decided to keep her pregnancy a secret,and Jill somewhat came around and congratulated Bethanny and made a huge deal over herringbling.It was a big show!To me,though,the real sentiment came via Ramona...

Ramona has been candid about her life growing up.She came from a broken home and knowingly admitted she didn't feel love as a child.Last night,a scene showed Ramona and her teen daughter,Avery,having brunch.Ramona asked Avery to be her maid-of-honor when she reaffirms her vows with her hubby,Mario (who I think is a cutie!).She wants Avery there by her side because,as she proclaimed last night,Avery taught her about love,showed her how to love and made her feel love.Avery is love.

I smiled at this exchange,and I think only a parent can truly understand what Ramona means.There are first loves,best friends we love to death and spouses we vow to love forever,but then there is the love between a mother and her child.

I loved JD from the moment I saw the flicker on the sonogram machine.I was scared,shocked,but the silver lining was there,glistening--it was him,my baby.I was nearing six weeks gestation.My love for him was immediate--it grows,it overwhelms me,it fills me up and it makes me wonder if I'll ever love someone,even another child,the way I love,the way I adore this little boy.This little boy,who appeared in my bedroom at 5:45 this morning with his blue blanket squeezed between his fist.

"Mommy," he loud whispered.My eyes opened.His smile was immediate,and he squeaked a giggle.

"What's up,bud?" I said,peeling the blanket off me and reaching for him.

"I wanna hold hands," he said.

Ten minutes later he wanted a pancake and "bamba" (banana).

Tell me about your love for your child.Have a nice weekend!I have a brunch/playground date withmy new single-mom friend I met while working a gig in NYC last month and her two-and-half-year-old son.

***Lunch ideas

What's in your salad?

Calorie Math: What to eat for lunch.

Dining with toddlers: I'll have what JD is having!