I've had a rocky relationship withGleethe past season or so--it's just redefined over-the-top a few too many times for my liking.But this week's episode,with its cheery pool proposal and unusually mellow Sue Sylvester,was kind of a return-to-the-fold moment for me.

On the heels of that ep came the delicious news that Rachel Berry's gay dads will soon make their on-camera debut--and they'll be played by none other than Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum.Yes.

And nowLea Michelehas graced us with this Twitter pic of her on set with her proud parents.The purple v-neck on Daddy Goldblum?Such understated perfection,it's going to make Kurt reconsider his entire spangled wardrobe.


What do you guys think of the casting?And what do you totally want to see these guys sing?__

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Photo: Twitter,FOX