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Katniss as a Blonde?!"Hunger Games" Star Jennifer Lawrence Gives Us a Glimpse of What That Would Have Looked Like

Could all you Hunger Games fans out there picture Katniss as a blonde?Here's your chance to see what that would have been like.

Could all youHunger Gamesfans out there pictureKatnissas ablonde?Here's your chance to see what that would have been like.

Our cover girlJennifer Lawrence,who darkened her locks for the movie,stepped out over the weekend with her blonde hair woven into a side braid.

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Jennifer will probably never be able to wear anotherbraid for the rest of her life without people immediately thinking "Katniss," so this might have been intentional—she was at a *Hunger Games *promotional event,after all.Regardless,the question is,does she still have the "I'm going to go in and kick butt" feel that Katniss gives off with this hair color?

Here's a shot of her onset so you can see the difference:

Could you see this?Would this have worked or you?Or do you feel like Katniss* had *to be a brunette?And what hair color do you prefer on her?Discuss below.

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