Julianne Hough Designed Workout Clothes You Can Wear to Dinner

Julianne Hough wearing an outfit of her own design in Los Angeles on Monday.

If we've learned anything about the still-going-strong athleisure trend,it's that life's way to short to be wearing uncomfortable pants.The latest to join the chic and comfy clothes battalion is dancer,singer,女演员,and all-around awesome human,Julianne Hough,who walked us through her very first w88手机版登录fashion collection in Los Angeles on Monday.

Like any first-time designer,Hough was beyond excited as she showed her colorful collection of gym-to-street-to-dinner apparel line with MPG.她指出了颜色组合,提供造型技巧,并指出服装细节,such as mesh insets and cutouts.She even designed pieces that you can wear to dinner,but there are definitely some rules on how to pull it off.Check out our interview with the style star here:

Glamour: 为什么决定进入运动休闲服装行业??

朱莉安浩夫: I've been wearing athletic clothes my whole life,and I always felt like they've never been OK to go outside and run errands in,and go to meetings and whatever.So I was like,"我怎样才能创造出与你的街头服装相搭配的东西呢?"I'm really excited about it.It's quality material because I wanted to make sure it was quality at an affordable price range [ from $40 to $60 ].

Glamour: How much of a say did you have in terms of the prints on each design,and the color as well??

J.H.: I used to be a matchy-matchy person,and now I like to mix and match.There's actually a bra top that goes with these leggings,but I thought,"哦,我要把它和这个图案混合起来。”MPG already had some amazing prints and colors and patterns,所以当我出现在春天收集,I just curated what they already had.For the fall collection that's coming out later,我们从一开始就创造了所有新的图案和设计。这个秋天的下一个将是更多的舞蹈灵感。

Glamour: We love leggings at Glamour and we can tell that you do,too!Do you have any rules for styling them outside of the gym??

J.H.: By the way,this is why I created this line—I do it all the time,but I feel like everybody is wearing the same black leggings,and it kind of never really was accepted,感觉就像你穿着运动装备出去,but if you [wear] my line,then I think it's very acceptable![Laughs] It's w88手机版登录fashionable,it's cute,it's fun.These are real pieces that you can layer with jeans and stuff like that.For me,I'm like,I'm all for it!!

Glamour: Are there any major Don'ts when it comes to your favorite pants??

J.H.: I wouldn't wear them to a fancy dinner or a ball.[笑]我不会去参加大都会的晚会!Can you imagine?[Laughs].我想如果你的腿长到脚踝,then that's acceptable [to wear to dinner]— especially if you have a nice cute top and [pair it] with boots or heels.

Here and above,styles from Julianne Hough for MPG.

Glamour: 当你在运动休闲时,头发和化妆品怎么办?如果你穿得更休闲,你应该更努力些,还是没关系??

J.H.: I think a lot of people think workout [wear] is schlubby or like,"哦,I'm disgusting,I gotta go change my clothes,"and I'm like,"No,you can make it really cute and wear it all day and not feel like a schlub."[Laughs]

Glamour: What's your recommendation for taking care of athleisure wear??

J.H.: It's kind of the same as any workout gear,you don't want to dry it on super hot.空气干燥很好。The quality of the fabric is amazing,and for the price you're getting it at too.

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