Have you ever wondered whether the amount of time you spend having sex is normal?It might seem impossible to know how long exactly other people are spending on sex,since it's not like couples take stopwatches into the bedroom.But,forone study,couples did just that.

According to anarticle inThe Conversationby Brendan Zietsch,Ph.D.,a research fellow at the University of Queensland,the best study we have to date of the time it takes to have sex involved 500 couples in five different countries timing themselves with stopwatches.

It turns out the average time it takes to have sex—not including foreplay,but just measuring the time from insertion to ejaculation—is 5.4 minutes on average in the Netherlands,United Kingdom,Spain,Turkey,and the United States.The Turkish had less endurance than the rest of the world,with a 3.7-minute average,while the rest were in the six to seven-minute range.Younger men lasted longer,with an average of 6.5 minutes for 18-to-30-year-olds (men 51 and older lasted 4.3 minutes).

Contrary to what some may say about the desensitizing effects of condoms,they didn't have an impact on how long sex lasted.Circumcision didn't have an influence either,with a pretty non-significant difference of six minutes for uncircumcised men and 6.7 for circumcised ones.

Of course these are averages—plenty of people around the world are having longer and shorter bedroom romps.But,if you've been wondering if your six-minute sack sessions are the norm,know this: They totally are.

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