Five years ago,Hillary Clinton was deep into her time as secretary of state,and while running for president again was almost certainly on her agenda,Clinton was focused on pressing human rights and diplomatic issues in all corners of the world.During a trip to Africa with Clinton,Glamourspoke with her about her work in government and what still needs to be done.It's not surprising that she sounded ready to run back in 2011.

"Politics is really hard," she told Lauren Iannotti in the September issue."And it is harder for women.There's a double standard,and you can't complain about it.You just have to accept it,and be smart enough to navigate it."

Research backs up Clinton's claims.A study by theBarbara Lee Family Foundation,which works to increase women's equality and representation in politics,found that women face many double standards when they run for office—they have to be likable,but not too nice,or they'll be seen as incompetent;they are seen as naturally more honest,but even potential scandals damage them more than male counterparts—so don't listen the next time someone says women just aren't tough enough for politics.

As for her plans for post-Obama administration life?Clinton said,"I want to get out of the caricature that too many people have put me in."

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