What supermodels are to w88手机版登录fashion,Jillian Michaels is to fitness.The Biggest Loser trainer has built a mega fitness empire on her books,DVDs and effective get-fit advice (I swear,I just look at the woman and I tone up!).But,some are tsk-tsking her for the recent controversial statement she made about pregnancy ...

Jillian,who has beena past guest poster here on Vitamin G,dishing out great advice,was interviewed for a cover story inWomen's Healthrecently,whereshe explainedthat she wanted to adopt because she didn't want her body to go through pregnancy."I can't handle doing that to my body," she reportedly said.

So what's the big deal?To go through pregnancy,or not,is certainly her prerogative.But,some are saying that Jillian,as a health and fitness role model,has crossed the line.Several doctors have disagreed with her statement,including Dr.Leslie Seppinni,who says,"Women [...] have children all the time and get right back in shape particularly if they exercise." (Though,I will add that it's not always quitethateasy.)

Jezebel's Anna N.had this to say: "It's certainly disturbing that Michaels,who likely represents health to millions of Americans,seems to equate pregnancy with some sort of bodily injury....Whether Michaels wants have a baby or not is her business,but as her public profile grows,she might want to think about promoting a more holistic,less restrictive view of health."

As I look down at my baby "ruined" body (I'm being sarcastic--the bod is just fine,thankyouverymuch),I have to say,to each her own.I take no offense to Jillian's feelings about pregnancy (heck,I had the same fears a long time ago!),but I hope that her statement doesn't change anyone's minds about pregnancy.Gals,your body canhandlepregnancy.Youcanrebound.Youcanlook fab again.

Have kids if you want to.Don't have them if you don't want to.But,please don't let the fear of bodily changes drive your decision making.

Let's discuss: What did you make of these comments from Jillian?

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