Great D-Bags In Classic Film (And Their Modern Equivalents)

D-bags are not just limited to literature--jerkface dudes abound in classic films,too.Here are some prime candidates.Not that we'd kick any of them out of the sack,but just saying.

D-bags are not just limited toliterature--jerkface dudes abound in classic films,too.Here are some prime candidates.Not that we'd kick any of them out of the sack,but just saying.

Marcello Rubini, La Dolce Vita:

*The dashing,philandering tabloid reporter in Fellini's film (seriously dashing;in real life the actor had a longtime affair with the super-beautiful Catherine Deneuve) keeps a longtime girlfriend/doormat at home to cook for him,but is more concerned with the pursuit of booze,money,other women or a hot story.He almost learns a lesson about morality and valuing people,但后来…actually,just Netflix it.

Who is he today?That blogger who checks his Internet traffic levels while he's having sex with you.*Henry Higgins,,My Fair Lady:

On a bet,this sophisticated elderly gentleman decides to do a scrappy Cockney street girl the massive "favor" of lacing her up in a corset made of iron and tears (THANKS,BRO) and informing her that she talks like an a*shole.Misanthropic and pretentious,Henry Higgins is the worst kind of jerk--the kind that makes you think you're not good enough.

Who is he today?The ostentatious professor who hits on his female students most in need of coursework aid.

Rick Blaine,Casablanca:

This is gonna be controversial.Bogart in this movie isn't a jerk by traditional standards--actually,he's a good,sympathetic guy--but he IS the kind of guy who you fall madly in love with,who then tells you to go with the other guy,因为他很好和同情,but--aah!Ilsa shouldn't have gotten on that plane.In my opinion,his selflessness makes him sort of a back-door jerk.

Who is he today?The guy you've always secretly loved,who stands up during your wedding,says "I object!" and just when you're ready to rip off your veil and make a break for it with him,goes "Nvm," and sits back down.Weak.

Rhett Butler,Gone With The Wind:

Are you kidding me?He basically negs the sh*t out of Scarlett (no prize herself,to be fair) through the whole first half of the movie,all the while stating that someday he would own her like property.Then he marries her,in what is clearly a gold digger move on her part,and they have a turbulent,basically unhappy marriage,and at one point he basically rapes her (she likes it) and also is responsible for her falling down a flight of stairs and losing their baby.


Who is he today?I don't know,but I hope he is far away from you Various Girl Readers and/or my little sisters.

__Did I forget any classic movie d-bags?Disagree with theCasablancaone?(I stand firm.) Get to it!__

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