I've pretty much had the same skin type since college: combination—a bit shiny on my nose and forehead in the summer,a bit peely on my cheeks and around my lips in the winter,每次月经前三天,我的下巴周围都会出现几次轻微的抽搐。当然,在我30多岁的时候,出现了几条线和一些褐色的斑点,促使我把不同年龄的防护剂混合到我的护肤品中。But nothing prepared me for the roller-coaster ride that pregnancy had in store for my complexion (pretty much everything is linked to spiking hormones,顺便说一下)And without a full arsenal of skin care tools at my disposal (no lasers,没有酸,没有类维生素,不注射任何可能影响婴儿的东西)。I tested a lot of alternative solutions and asked my go-to dermatologist,,请 Amy Wechsler,M.D. ,请作者 The Mind-优德官方网站Beauty Connection ,请a ton of questions along the way.要说清楚,my prenatal skin care M.O.不是完全有机的,而是尽量减少不必要的成分(如邻苯二甲酸盐和对羟基苯甲酸酯等防腐剂),同时对使用一些成熟的合成物(如吡硫酮锌)不感到内疚。Consider it less-is-more skin maintenance: I examine ingredients lists and in most cases choose the product with fewer things in it.With 36-plus weeks behind me (home stretch!),here's what I've learned.



你的皮肤在怀孕期间极易受到紫外线的伤害,which can lead to a host of issues including spots,烧伤,wrinkles,你说出它的名字。Translation: Daily SPF 30+ sunscreen is nonnegotiable.I live by this rule every day,在怀孕期间,我更倾向于重新申请:每两个小时,当我在外面或车里长时间地躺在脸上和耳朵上时,这种情况就会发生。neck,胸部,手,沿着我的发际线(一个隐蔽的地方晒太阳!).虽然有些孕妇更喜欢矿物块(氧化锌和二氧化钛)。我个人在广谱矿物和传统矿物块之间切换,为他们的光而选择,优雅的纹理。My prenatal staples…

For face: 拉罗什POSAY安特里奥斯50日抗衰老底漆 (二)(二) Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50

对于手,嘴唇,眼睛,scalp: Neutrogena UltraSheer Face & Body Stick Sunscreen SPF 70

For body: 资生堂终极防晒乳液湿力50


In the first 10 or so weeks of pregnancy,I found myself consistently getting red,我的下巴和脖子发炎了!).与许多常见的痤疮药物(retin-a,Accutane公司,水杨酸)禁止使用,what to do?博士。韦克斯勒给病人开了一种外用芬太尼凝胶(壬二酸),并建议用ISOLAZ进行办公室治疗(它结合了孔吸气和蓝光疗法来杀死细菌引起的细菌)。I also discovered that using a cleanser with low-level glycolic or lactic acid (both are alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs,在怀孕期间被认为是安全的,like NIP+FAB皮肤乙醇清洗液 ,请有助于去除皮肤油脂,保持毛孔清洁。Just no 优德官方网站beauty hacks please: Leaving the cleanser on like a mask for three-plus minutes is a bad idea.Simply lather and rinse every other night.

Irritated Scalp

额外的汗液和油,有助于这些可爱的突破?They can cause itchy,片状,或是油腻的头皮。我每天都洗头和调理身体以保持身体平衡,if needed,根据需要用去头皮屑洗发水来缓解疼痛。博士。韦克斯勒绿色灯那些含有吡硫酮锌(一种活性成分发现于 Head & Shoulders Clear Scalp & Hair ).By the second trimester,everything is back to calm (and I do notice that my hair seems extra shiny).

Dull Skin

This too will pass as you progress past your first 10 to 12 weeks,but in the meantime,忽略任何使你皮肤敏感的东西(粗糙的去角质剂,peels,extra sessions with your cleansing brush) and rely on some glowifying makeup instead.我的 这里是建议 .如果你需要皮肤恢复磨砂,博士。韦克斯勒建议每周坚持几次温和的红糖去角质剂。试一试: 黄糖面膜 ,请or mix one up in your kitchen with brown sugar and coconut oil—it works wonders on dry cuticles too.

Skin Tags and Moles

They sprout.不知从何而来。到处都是脸,胸部,underarms,legs.And they continue to grow over the 40 weeks (Trimester Three: I feel like a mushroom field).But Dr.韦克斯勒向我保证,标签和新的痣在分娩后几个月就会消失。现在真的没什么可做的。Of course,如果出现任何可疑情况( 看我们的导游 ),马上去看医生排除皮肤癌。

深色色素沉着:怀孕的面具,Plus Other Brown Spots and Patches

伴随着皮肤标签和痣,棕灰色皮肤变暗,形成斑点或斑块。along with a deepening of existing scars,摩尔,and spots—especially for women with medium-to-dark or olive skin.在脸上,it could be the mask of pregnancy (also called melasma or chloasma;读有用的描述 here ),which you can't treat during pregnancy,但是你可以戴上防晒霜,呆在阴凉处来帮助预防。还有一个关键:投资一个好的遮瑕膏。现在我们来讨论一下尸体。最令人惊讶的是,高摩擦区域——腋窝(从远处看,好像你忘了刮胡子);between the thighs.博士。Wechsler insists this too eventually fades after delivery (without treatment).In the meantime,if you're feeling self-conscious,放弃无袖上衣。Better yet,拥抱 自由运动 .



你继承了获得伸展印记的倾向,医生说。韦克斯勒。换句话说,if your mom or sister has them,你也有更大的机会得到它们。And no matter how much moisturizer/shea butter/coconut oil you slather on daily,你可能还会得到它们。Best way to lessen them is by gaining (and losing) weight

gradually to give your skin a chance to adapt to the changes.And know that the reddish-purple squiggles will eventually fade to a less-noticeable white or silver over time.Postpartum,if the marks still bother you,ask your dermatologist about laser treatments to help tone down the appearance.


It's all pretty logical if you think about it: Your belly and breasts grow and the skin stretches,引起紧绷和瘙痒;you gain weight and your limbs fill out so there's extra rub under the arms and between your legs,引起皮肤摩擦和更多的不适。现在怎么办?A few things I found helpful: (1.) Take cool-to-warm showers—hot water dehydrates the skin and exacerbates the itch.(2.)穿宽松的衣服,穿透气的天然织物,如棉或亚麻布。(3.)保湿,moisturize,滋润。一种无香味的身体乳液,淋浴后立即使用,does the trick.就个人而言,I like to layer body oil and/or balm to afflicted areas,morning and night.(我在怀孕期间使用并喜欢所有这些: 可拉玫瑰果身体油 ,请,请 Clarins Tonic Body Oil Treatment ,请,请 Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté ,请,请 考达利神油 ,请,请 是的胡萝卜椰子从头到脚恢复香膏 ,请,请 欧西坦纯乳木果油 ).如果痒难忍,伸展到你的手和脚,or is accompanied by a rash or other unusual symptoms,马上去看医生。



Dark circles are new for me this trimester,当我被产前失眠(皮肤发痒,腹部太大,加上夜间消化不良)困扰时,偶尔布拉克斯顿·希克斯收缩,每天晚上七次左右去洗手间都能让我保持清醒)。How to eradicate the puffiness and darkness?冰镇的茶匙After washing your face in the morning,用它在你最喜欢的眼霜里按摩每只眼睛大约一分钟;这会让血液流动,减少浮肿。(Shortcut: Many skin care brands also make eye serums with a cooling massage applicator.I'm really into 作者:特里·赛璐珞 .) After that,cover-up is your friend.在这里,一些 amazing camouflage tricks from makeup artist Laura Mercier .

__Varicose and Spider Veins

_uuu将这些添加到怀孕期间无法治疗的事情列表中。But there are ways you can stave them off: Avoid standing for long periods of time,坐着的时候把脚抬起来,and try compression stockings while traveling (this also does wonders to help prevent swollen cankles).我也喜欢医生的这个把戏。Wechsler: After a long day,躺在地板上(或床上),屁股靠墙,then put your legs up the wall for 10 minutes.这有助于从你的腿上转移血液,是一个很好的机会,禅宗出来,并对你的新宝贝在路上兴奋。

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