I don't watchThe Bacheloras religiously as Megan Angelo does (though hershow recaps are a must-read each week),but I've witnessed my fair share of rose ceremonies through the years.I've also sat through skinny-dipping scenes,hot tub romps,crazy cat fights,drunken girls gone wild bits and Fantasy Suite rendezvous.So this recent talk ofTim Tebowbeing approached to be the next *Bachelor *has left me saying...huh?!

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Sure the NFL star is a hunk--making him prime *Bachelor *material--and he's certainly one of the most buzzed about stars right now,but a devout Christian who famously said he's going to wait to have sex until marriage asThe Bachelor?!I don't think that's the right fit for the sexually-charged show.

Further,why would Tim Tebow need to go on TV to get a date?I mean he just haddinner with Taylor Swiftlast week.She's one of many A-list celebs who would like face time with the guy.You mean to tell me he'd instead opt to be set up with 25 random girls,half of which prove themselves to be i-n-s-a-n-e during the taping of the show?!?And he clearly wouldn't be in it for the money.(Hello,NFL star quarterback salary!)

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I also worry that if Tim Tebow does becomeThe Bachelor,that will spell the end of his football career.Remember a guy named Jesse Palmer?He was a rising star on the New York Giants and his football career flopped rather quickly following his stint handing out roses during Season 5 ofThe Bachelor.And I cringe just thinking about how extra annoying all the female contestants would be if Tim was theBachelor?They'd all get out of the limo in their shortest,tightest,sexiest dresses and greet him by Tebowing at his feet.Groan.

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Clearly I'm not loving the idea of Tebachbut what do YOU think?Fill in the blank in the comments section below: Tim Tebow asThe Bacheloris a _________ idea.

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