假发不在乎:你的扩展指南,编织,and Wigs

Whether you want to go from a bob to mermaid-length hair overnight,或者你想在周末运动一个柔和的阴影,用假发做实验从来都不容易。这是你去仿造之前需要知道的一切。

Whether you want to go from a bob to mermaid-length hair overnight,或者你想在周末运动一个柔和的阴影,用假发做实验从来都不容易。这是你去仿造之前需要知道的一切。


One of the joys of Instagram is that it allows us to keep tabs onall things celebrity 优德官方网站beauty,比如星星的样子first thing in the morning,when they gobare-faced to the gym,当他们dramatically change up their hair.虽然它不需要轮廓自拍to figure out thatKim Kardashian西化了很多妆,it is surprising for many non–优德官方网站beauty pros to learn just how many celebs rely on extensions and假发改变颜色或风格.所有的casual reveals on social media似乎在鼓励更多的女性尝试假发,像这样的精品店Just Extensionsin Los Angeles andRPZL在纽约市,人们对这种日益增长的兴趣正在迅速得到回报。Cristina Rocha说:“我注意到越来越多的女性接受了伸展和夹持,洛杉矶安迪·勒科普特沙龙的“去接分机”女士。“我认为现在它更受欢迎,因为名人们对他们用来让自己看起来像自己的东西变得更诚实了。老实说,我从来没有和一个女演员合作过,on a photo shoot,or in a salon who didn't have extensions." Even for those who don't necessarily want to look like凯莉詹纳or席亚拉,发型很吸引人,因为它们可以让你经常改变你的外观,而不需要做出很大的承诺。"Actresses have always worn fake hair,但是现在普通人都在尝试不同的东西,”利昂娜·威尔逊说,owner of LW Salon in New York City.“它不应该代替你自己的头发,但这不再是一个内部秘密。Everybody does it now—every nationality and every race."

Here's what you need to know beforeyoustart faking it:



The lowdown:如果你对整个耐心问题不感兴趣,卡入式接长件是一种很好的方法,可以立即获得更长的长度。或者,if your hair is fine or thinning,你可以用几片来填饱肚子。高端精品店印第安语and 优德官方网站beauty supply stores like莎莉美容优德官方网站sell ready-to-wear clip-ins starting at $259 and $19.99 respectively,but Wilson recommends getting them customized by your hairstylist for the most natural-looking fit (unless you plan to use them only for a long ponytail).“如果你只是添加了一些片段,most stylists will just snap them in for you," she says."If you want a completely new shape that calls for 10 pieces,you'll probably have to pay for the cost of a haircut.It's best to go in for a consultation so you know what to expect up front." If your stylist is a whiz at clip-ins,you may be able to bring him or her a bundle of hair and have your extensions custom-made.就像任何形式的假发一样,发型师说,人类的处女头发(也就是说,还没有染色的头发,relaxed,or chemically treated in any way) is best.一定要买质量好的夹子。“便宜的夹子不容易折断。Test out the clips at the 优德官方网站beauty supply store to make sure they close tightly before you buy them," says Wilson.

基本护理:Because clip-ins are not meant for daily use,你只需要定期清洗它们。甚至不think关于睡在里面。"You put the clip-ins in the same spots in your hair," says Wilson.“夹子产生了张力,所以你不想一周使用两次以上,因为过一段时间后,这个区域会变弱。解开夹子,轻轻地把它们从头发上滑下来。


专家提示:为了跟踪哪一块去哪里,store your clip-ins in separate plastic bags and label them front,middle,nape,and top.这一额外的步骤将使重新安装不那么混乱,当你准备好再次突破它们。


The lowdown:如果你想要更长的长度,tape-in extensions could be your best bet.磁带输入,as the name implies,每一块顶部都有粘性的面板(想想双面胶带)。分段作业,你的发型师把你的一大块头发按在上面一块下面,这样你的头发就夹在两个延伸部分之间,制作一个“三明治”。整个头部需要一个小时。Rocha是一个喜欢用胶带固定的人,因为他们的头发不像粘在一起的头发那么硬,and the hair is reusable.另一个好处是:它们完全平放,看起来像天生的。But the downside?They're a splurge."The only hair I use for tape-ins isHair Lingerie“她说。"The cost is anywhere from $300 to $3,200 depending on the length and quantity." And don't forget,in addition to the hair (find out which brand your stylist prefers),你得付服务费。The price varies by salon and can range from $50 to $100 per "sandwich." Tape-ins typically last for about one month.

基本护理:Wash and condition as you normally would with your regular products.While blow-drying,use your hands until your hair is about 75-percent dry."When you start with a round brush,dry the extension pieces separately,没有你自己的头发,”罗查说。当你准备把它们拿出来的时候,准备好回到你的职业球员那里。It's the most important step—you have to be careful not to take out your own hair," she adds.(请参阅有关延长件拆卸的更多信息here

专家提示:If an extension starts to come loose before your removal appointment,apply olive oil to the piece that's slipping,and massage it in.轻轻地剥开面板,把胶水擦干净。


The lowdown:With a sew-in weave,you can change your length,体积,头发颜色,质地和维护最少。它的工作原理:你的造型师在你的头上创造出平的玉米穗,并在把头发的纬线或“轨道”缝到编织物上之前用线加固它们。你自己的一层头发通常在前面留着,边,and back to give you the option of wearing your hair up."A sew-in weave is good for any hair texture,而且成本效益很高,”安德烈·戴维斯说,a faux-hair master atJulien Farel纽约的沙龙。The process can take between two and five hours,但是你可以安全地在你的编织中离开12个星期,这就是为什么它如此吸引那些想长出头发或让它从热造型休息的女人。As with extensions,stick with high-quality human hair.“合成材料看起来不自然,and you can't do anything with them," says Davis,指使用热工具。他的网上购物选择:扩展加.你的编织大师可以帮助你找出你需要多少,哪种质地是最好的,但是两到三束头发是正常现象。Depending on the stylist,编织需要200到800美元,不包括头发。但一旦你投资,你可以重复使用你的假发至少一年。

基本护理:Pre-weave,get your ends trimmed and do a deep conditioning treatment.当你织好后,stick with your usual washing and conditioning routine.You won't be able to massage your scalp thoroughly,所以当你把织物取出来的时候,你可以期待一些织物的堆积。造型应该是轻而易举的,but go easy on products.不要放松头发护理。“洗头时,一定要给头发保湿。如果你忽略了你的边缘,他们会崩溃的,”威尔逊警告说。不要对热造型工具发狂,要么。她说:“我看到很多客户把留着的头发烫得太平,结果头发又短又瘦。”Get help taking out your weave from an experienced stylist or a trusted friend who knows how.为了确保头发健康,"give yourself two months before you put a weave back in," Wilson adds.


专家提示:如果你有一头超级卷发或者一头非洲裔,你不必放弃你的纹理外观来编织。公司喜欢无毛sell wefts that range from coily to kinky to blend with and enhance natural hair.轨道的安装采用了与传统缝纫机相同的针线工艺。“对于从轻松到自然过渡的女性来说,这也很好,因为这让她们有机会获得与自然质地相匹配的舒适发型,他们可以玩不同的长度和风格,”Ngozi Opara说,无热头发的创造者。


The lowdown:Hair chameleons like赞达亚Katy Perry理解一个好假发的美丽:你可以从优德官方网站一天换到下一天。“有时候我一天就变成三个不同的人。在去参加活动的路上,我真的在出租车里换了头发。发型师和boutique owner她称之为“王冠”的高端假发是由谁制作的。她迎合了一个严肃的假发佩戴者谁想要一个将持续多年的假发。Barbel's crowns go for $300 for a cropped cut to $1,750,但她也制作了高达3500美元的定制件。不管你在哪里购物,假发的价格根据头发的类型而变化很大,the length,以及质地。最流行的款式之一:蕾丝假发。巴贝尔说:“它们给你一个真正自然的发际线。”“看起来你的头发从头皮上长出来了,and you can part it in different directions." Lace wigs are secured to the hairline with a special glue that's sold at wig stores.You remove the adhesive at night with oil.浏览网站沃瑟公司SAMS优德官方网站美容网站for a good selection of more affordable,现成的选择。如果你因为脱发需要假发,戴上单丝帽。因为它们能让你的头皮露出来,所以检测不到,but they don't require any adhesive.为了好玩,想戴上一顶野性的假发吗?一个合成的人会获得成功。巴贝尔说:“对于那些只在附近玩耍的人来说,它们既快又容易。发型店有不到30美元的彩色选择。

基本护理:你多久洗一次假发取决于你每10天戴一次假发的频率,这是一个很好的指导方针。保存你的花式产品并使用保湿剂,drugstore shampoo and conditioner with warm water.In between washes,尽量少用产品。巴贝尔说:“它会留下残留物,使头发变得很重,很粗糙。”你不需要洗合成假发。如果它变得不可闻,just throw it away.If you do choose to wash it,use cool water to keep the fibers from melting.

专家提示:If you don't have oil to take off your lace wig,使用丰富的护发素作为替代品。