Think the dieting trends of today can get weird?(It's because they can!See exhibitsA,B,andC.) But wait until you see this eating plan from long ago--almost 200 years ago,to be precise...

Historical gastronomist and food bloggerSarah Lohman is giving a lecturein NYC on January 24 all about eating plans throughout history.There's a sneak peek on theAmerican Museum of Natural Historywebsite,and even that is fascinating.I was especially intrigued by this:

Fletcherizing:A process named for its creator,Herman Fletcher,where you chew every morsel of food until it's completely disintegrated in your mouth.In the 1800s,British travelers were quick to notice how fast Americans gulped down their food,so Fletcher created his method to help them slow down.Fletcherizing meant chewing one bite of food between 30 and 300 times--which seemswhoa,but Lohman points out that recent research has shown slowing down sends signals to our brains that our stomachs are full.

Fascinating stuff--we've been playing around with what foods are best for us for ages.Are there any fad diets in history that you know of?Would you ever Fletcherize?

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