How in love am I with withErinfromThe Cityand her hair/makeup?I'd venture to say she and those to-die-for bangs are two of the only redeeming qualities about the show so far (though at least some stuff kinda-sorta actually happened in last night's episode).

Honestly,the show has been so bad it's not even good,and that's saying a lot for a spinoff ofThe Hills,which has made an art form of good bad TV.But Erin is a beacon of 优德官方网站beauty inspiration shining through the haze of vacant Whitney gazes and nonsensically bitchy Olivia comments.Look how many different hair and makeup combos she rocked last night alone.Here are some of my usual bootleg photos of my TV--which Erin look do you like best?

Red lips and nails,and cute crisscrossed bobby pins to pull back her bangs

Heavy blunt bangs and mod pale eyes/lips


A pretty feather headband--love the scarlet color

A cute twist on the ponytail,dressed up with big bohemian earrings

Meanwhile,Olivia Palermo clearly missedmy previous memoand is still wearing the official twisty-clippy hairstyle ofThe Cityin every scene.

Hey O: We know that you know that you're being filmed.It's clear you go to "work" straight from the salon.So what's so wrong with mixing it up once in a while?Just askin'.At leastSlaves To w88手机版登录Fashionhas been giving you love.