Fresh-baked bread is great,in theory.Except for,you know,the baking part.I mean,when I'm having dinner guests,I just don't have time to knead,let rise,etc.So here's my four-minute fresh-bread secret: Trader Joe's Half-Baked Rolls.I just stick 'em inmy "second oven"at 425 degrees for four minutes (four minutes!) and voila:

The instructions say to cook them for longer—I think a whole eight minutes—but mine are perfectly browned in half that.There's also a mini-baguette-size version,but it doesn't cut well fresh out of the oven (when it tastes best),so I stick to the rolls.

What are your favorite Trader Joe's picks?

Ijuststarted shopping there since our move to the 'burbs.(The closest one to me when I lived in Brooklyn was more than a mile and a half—not good,for walking.) I'm officially obsessed.