I have some very exciting news—and no,I'm not engaged.Or pregnant.But I have created something that I am really stoked to show the world…

I'm going to be on a TV show!Like,every single week.Downtown Girlswill premiere on MTV on June 1 at 11 P.M.!!I am so thrilled-slash-a-nervous-wreck,but I really think it's a series you guys are going to like.

The reality show centers around my life as a writer in New York and follows me as I try to juggle work—blogging forGlamour.com!— boys and city life.And of course,my friends are right there with me.I can't wait for you to meet them.Klo is my BFF,a former party girl/my partner in crime who's now settling into domestic bliss with her fiance and trying to plan her wedding (remember how I posted foradvice on how to be a good bridesmaid?).Nikki,from Long Island,is struggling to keep her boutique,Nikki Laura,afloat despite the bad economy,while London-born Gurj kicks arse (as she'd say) in the indie music scene as a marketing whiz for Atlantic records.Victoria is an aspiring attorney hoping to pass the bar exam...again.You're going to love them,I know it!Get a sneak peek here:

MTV Shows

So why did I want to make a reality show anyway?Well,as you guys may have noticed,I have a knack for getting into some insane dating scenarios (Rememberthis one?What aboutthis one?Andthis one!?).Like I do right here onSmitten,I want to share those stories with you guys in the hopes that you'll be able to relate to them on some level.

Don't get me wrong,the whole process of making and filming a reality show isn't easy,and there were definitely times I thought I was going to lose my mind.But I really wanted to make a series that represented girls who truly value their friendships and aren't afraid to take life by the horns.

It's a little bit ofSex and the City,a little bitI Love Lucyand a lot a bit Shallon.It's definitely a show for the smart girls out there,and I'm really proud of it.

__I'll be live-commenting the premiere,but in the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on it!Do you think I'll make a good reality TV star (omg I just had a mini-panic attack writing that)?What do you hope my show is like?If you had a reality TV show,what would it be called?__


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