Have you ever had a killer headache--the kind that Advil and aspirin just don't seem to touch?Dehydration,stress and your period can bring them on--and then there are those dreaded migraines.When your usual over-the-counter pain pills don't cut it,here's some new thinking from researchers about what will...

****Get ready to get poked!

Researcherssay that acupuncture,an ancient Chinese therapy where a trained practitioner inserts needles into specific pressure points on your body,may be more effective than common pain meds like aspirin when tackling the pain and frequency of chronic headaches.Duke University scientists reviewed data from 4,000 headache sufferers and found that 62 percent of those who received acupuncture treatment reported pain relief,while those who only took pain medication reported a 45 percent improvement.

The researchers,who were already encouraged by past studies that have linked acupuncture with improved fertility and post-surgery pain reduction,are encouraged by their findings and believe that the treatment could be good news for chronic headache sufferers.

Is it safe?Mayo Clinic expertssay yes,when performed correctly.Is it painful?Um,I'll answer that one: While it's notsupposedto be,itcanbe.I had an acupuncture treatment before the birth of my son--to help speed along labor--and,well,it was pretty uncomfortable.But some people feel that it's a good kind of uncomfortable--so don't let me frighten you away from trying it.Or,checkthis Vitamin G postfor another (needle free) way to eliminate pain,according to another group of researchers.It's kind of surprising!


What are your thoughts on acupuncture?Are you a fan or not?And,if you're a headache sufferer,would you consider giving it a try?__

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