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CoverGirl's New Brand Ambassador Is Muslim 优德官方网站Beauty Blogger Nura Afia

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CoverGirl's New Brand Ambassador Is Muslim 优德官方网站Beauty Blogger Nura Afia

Fresh off the heels of CoverGirl's groundbreaking announcement of makeup artist James Charles asits first male spokesmodel—a huge win for gender inclusivity—the brand is giving us yet another YAS-worthy appointment.The brand's latest 优德官方网站beauty ambassador is makeup artistNura Afia,a Muslim 优德官方网站beauty vlogger known for hermakeuptutorials.What sets her apart from all the 优德官方网站beauty bloggers out there,though,is that she's always wearing herhijabin her videos.

"It feels so surreal," says Afia,who has over 200,000 subscribers to herYouTube channel."I never thought I would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale." She confesses to being insecure about wearing a hijab,especially as she was growing up.Now,though,in her YouTube tutorials about date-night makeup and berry lips,it always makes a proud appearance.(And some videos are actually dedicated to styling a turban hijab;the most popular of thesehas racked up over 300,000 views.)

This candidness is what made her a member of CoverGirl's #LashEquality campaign,which stresses inclusivity within 优德官方网站beauty and celebrates the launch of the brand's So Lashy!BlastPro Mascara (which is designed to flatter every lash type).It's paying off in big ways.Afia,her hijab,and her serious makeup skills will now appear in commercials and on a giant billboard in Times Square in New York City.CoverGirl's emphasis on inclusivity and diversity is an exciting—and welcome—development in the 优德官方网站beauty industry.

In world where many 优德官方网站beauty ads still depict a very narrow definition of what's considered beautiful,it's so important that big league brands like CoverGirl continue to represent and speak to all types of women.Our only question: Who's next?