There were so many camera flashes going off at Stella 34 Trattoria,the new restaurant inside the Macy's store in Manhattan,you'd have thought a supermodel walked into the room.And then she did,looking as poised and gorgeous as ever.Glamoureditor-in-chief Cindi Leive sat down with Christy Turlington Burns last night to talk about juggling her roles as model,mom of two,marathon runner,and maternal health advocate through her organizationEvery Mother Counts.

Of course the first thing everyone wanted to know was,How does she do it all?"The word 'balance' is thrown around," says Turlington,who at 44 hasreturned as the faceof Calvin Klein Underwear (a brand that she first modeled for at the age of 18)."Integrationis a more healthy goal.Our lives [as women] are busy and complex."

Turlington has "integrated" the different aspects of her life so seamlessly.Every Mother Counts recently partnered with Calvin Klein to raise money for better health care for pregnant women and new moms—an important issue when you consider that two women in the U.S.dieevery single dayfrom complications during pregnancy and birth."After all these years,they are amazing supporters of what we do and getting the word out." The five women who work with Turlington at Every Mother Counts also benefit from their passion for helping women: "We have a very good maternity leave package," she says,laughing.

In an effort to raise awareness about all the women in the world who have to walkmilesfor prenatal care,Turlington is running the New York City Marathon (all 26.2 miles of it) on November 3 with her organization.She's been juggling her distance training with yoga and a gazillion other things but swears that being a mom has helped her become strong enough to get through it all."The end of a marathon and the end of labor are very much the same," she says."There's only one way out,and that's through!"

At marathons,"everyone is running for someone else," says Turlington.If you want to join or form a team to raise money for Every Mother Counts,find out how can also make a donation

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