Happy Monday,everyone!Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.Mine was pretty great andthe bdaywas awesome (massage,facial,lunch,mani,mall,dinner—and I had gift cards for almost all of it!).But now I'm just a regular 31 year old and today I want to talk about a fascinating (if a little frightening) topic....

My friendLindsay Beckjust starteda blogover atFertile Hope(her non-profit dedicated to helping cancer survivors and patients with fertility issues) and today she's talking about cancer fakers.She also happens to mention myGlamourfeature onthe teacher who lied about having breast cancer,which I swear is not the reason I'm telling you to read the blog!

One of the reasons a person might fake having cancer is to take advantage of all the free services provided by organizations like FH—free retreats,parties,scholarships,financial aid.Lindsay writes:* Fertile Hope is looking to expand its portfolio of financial assistance programs and keeps running into this question—how does someone prove they had cancer?We can verify income with the IRS,citizenship with a Social Security number,and age with a Driver's License,but cancer is hard to prove.*

Then she asks if there should be a "membership" card or some other way patients should have to prove their medical history.Yikes!Has it really come to that?Maybe so.Check it out.What do you guys think?