As you may have heard about 1,000 times before,real men wear pink.But here's the surprising news--it may not be just to assert how comfortable they are in their masculinity,but to lift their spirits in this crappy economy.Find out more (and take in the,um,full view),after the jump.

Jezebel uncoveredthis little gem fromyesterday'sDaily Mailthat asserts that sales of men's pink Jockey underwear have skyrocketed since the beginning of 2009,and attributes the increase to the current economic climate.According to the article:

"If claims that men are perking themselves up using their pants is true,it adds a new dimension to lipstick economics - the theory market -watchers attribute to sales of small cosmetic items rising in a recession,or the fact that hemlines rise and fall with the economic state of the country.According to Jockey,this sales spike mirrors a similar effect seen in America during the great depression of 1935.

Back then,sales of boxer shorts printed with an image of the world went through the roof as men chose the pattern over their usual plain briefs,a result,said market analysts,of men seeking a soupcon of exotic escapism,albeit vicariously,via their pants.


'When the economy's gloomy,shoppers tend to make small,often unconscious,decisions in their consumer habits,' said Ruth Stevens,brand manager at Jockey Underwear.

'Men may feel out of control during the recession so they make small choices which may lighten their mood and one of these is evidently choosing brighter underwear.'"

So.The more depressed a guy gets about his shrinking paycheck,the more likely he is to turn to pink undies to cheer him up?Do you guys buy it?Do any of your men wear blush-colored briefs?Have you happened to notice their recent acquisition of a pair?And is your man a fan of pink in general?Will you invest in a pair of pink undies to help cheer your guy up?And happy are you for this little morning pick-me-up photo!?

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Photo: courtesy of Jockey