The One Party-Dress Silhouette Every Busty Girl Needs

当你开始为节日购物时 派对礼服 ,you might notice that 很多 他们中有人是无肩带的。It's a pretty look but can spell trouble for busty girls who usually need a bit more support than you typically find with a strapless bra.I loved this outfit suggestion from Nancy LeWinter of ,who's somewhat of a pro at celebrating curves but with practical needs in mind.“有时单肩连衣裙比无肩带款式更性感,and you can anchor a bra strap from the front right to the back left,或者反之亦然,”她告诉我。"Follow the one shoulder and it'll give extra support."

Makes total sense,正确的?我喜欢这个从讨厌的女孩身上找到的黑色物品( ) for a few reasons.最好像她建议的那样把带子藏起来,but the long sleeve also makes it feel spot-on for wintry parties ( 除夕 ,有人吗?).


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