Take a break from boring tinted lip balm this weekend and try some out-of-your-comfort-zonelipstickcolor—everyone in Hollywood is doing it,and if last night's red carpets are any indication,pretty much anything goes when it comes to what shade you choose.Three noteworthy examples:

1.Vamped Out.To totally change your look for a night,go dark likeAmber Heard.(Just mind the color wearing off in the middle,as you can see here.)

2.Summer in November.Hot coral pre-winter?Why not?Olivia Munntotally made it work.

3.Baby Lips.

Here's an example of light pink that's not shy.Kendall Jenner's powder-pink lipstick was glossy—the effect was one of plastic doll lips.

Would you wear any of these colors spotted on celebrities last night?Or would a different bold lipstick shade strike your fancy right now?Share below!