Here's the thing about being in along-distance relationship: Yourvacationbudget is now allocated toward one person.Every spare airfare penny is spent to span the distance between you,every personal day swallowed up in travel time to get to him.Where am I going with this,and what does it have to do with true love,you ask?Because on a recent phone call with my boyfriend to plan my next New York City trip,he heard longing in my voice to visit my friends in Houston—loved ones I haven't seen in a year,whose little ones have grown inches,gained voices,since the last time I pushed them on a swing set.And rather than stay on that city-bound train,this awesome guy volunteered to meet me down South—adding a serious,unplanned expense to his own budget,and usurping vacation days he'd planned to save—so that I could have the best of both worlds.How incredibly caring,so unbelievably selfless—the perfect example oftrue love.

But your guy doesn't have to fly across the country to show you he truly cares,nor do you have to max out a credit card to prove he's your No.1 man.Rather,here are 10 other surefire signs true loves sparks are flying.

1.You take a cue from my guy and give without expecting anything in return.You delight in making him happy—even at a cost to you.

2.His laughter is music to your ears.You may have bookmarked a corny jokes page on your iPhone just so you can whip out a "knock-knock" on the fly to make him smile.

3.When you tell him you're proud of him,he puffs out his chest another inch because your affirmation means more than his supervisor's opinion and his mother's approval combined.

4.You consider each other partners in crime.You've slipped into the"we" habit,and there's nothing this "we" can't tackle together.

5.You can get goofy around each other.Imitating the weird face your cat makes no longer embarrasses you—and somehow,seeing you scrunch your nose,cock your head,and stick out your tongue compels your guy to blurt out "you're beautiful."

6.When youpicture "forever,"there doesn't seem to be a scene in which he doesn't play a supporting role.


7.You feel lucky.You're not sure what you did to deserve this amazing man,and he's apt to tell you—and anyone who will listen—he's landed a womanwayabove his level.

__8.__You don't feel like you're missing out.You're human,so of course you find other people attractive,but no part of you wants them the way you want each other.

9.Your quirks—the way you insist on playing music to match whatever'scooking in the kitchenand how you talk aboutAnna Kendrickas if she were your real-life BFF—make him adore you even more.

10.You can be vulnerable with each other and still feel safe.Being with him is a feeling more secure than being inside Fort Knox.

What are some other surefire signs it's true love?How did you know you were truly in love with your guy or girl?