AlthoughManhattan Love Storyhad a shelf life equal to most relationships on Tinder,there was no doubting the staying power of lead actorsJake McDormanandAnaleigh Tipton.They met on the show,fell in love in real life,and have gone on to red-hot career projects that promises you'll be hearing a lot more of them in the coming months and years.For McDorman,29,that next project is the CBS dramaLimitless,based off the 2011 feature film withBradley Cooper(who also guest stars on the TV version).We caught up with the dashing McDorman to talk his first big hit (Greek),his adorable feline companion,and his recent vacation with Tipton.Listen in.

1.Your full name is John Allen McDorman IV.When did you start going by Jake,and why?"I was a baby when my dad started calling me Jake.When I'd cry or get upset,he'd say 'Relax,Jake.It's Chinatown.' He was quoting the movieChinatown.I'm named after Chinatown.I guess it stuck way back then because I've never gone by John.Except at airports."

2.Which past show of yours do you miss the most:Are You There,Chelsea?orManhattan Love Story?"That's impossible.I love them both equally.Honestly,I still keep in touch with everyone from both shows.I had been friends with Laura [Prepon] for years before doingChelsea,so to hang out with her and make people laugh was a blast.ButManhattan Love Storyhas a very special place in my heart for many reasons.We were very sad to see it go.It brought me to New York,and there's nothing better than getting to go to work and fall forAnaleigh Tiptonevery day."

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3.YourTwitter biosays "Will act for food." If you had to be the spokesman for one national food chain for the rest of your life,which one would it be and why?And what's your favorite food of choice on the menu?"Not that I endorse this,but I live across the street from an In-N-Out Burger in L.A.that's open until like 3 A.M.Classic burger.Protein style.Animal style.I regret nothing."

4.Per yourInstagram page,you have a cat.Tell us about him."His name is Mr.Boo.I grew up with both cats and dogs.I love dogs.But I'd want a big dog,and I'd like to have a yard before I get one.Mr.Boo is plenty right now.He's not slight.He's 20 pounds,so he's bigger than a lot of dogs.He's about 12 years old,and I've had him about as long as I've been acting professionally.So he's been there through all of it.He's lived in L.A.,Texas,NYC.It's a package deal with us.Nonnegotiable.You hire me,he's coming with.For moral support."


5.You and your girlfriend,Analeigh Tipton,were just in Rome together.What was your favorite part of the trip?"We went to the Colosseum,the Vatican.We stayed in an amazing hotel at the top of the Spanish Steps called the Hotel Hassler.One funny story that stands out to me would be the time she bought me a dancing plush cat that singsShania Twainfrom a street vendor.Nothing screams tourist more than walking back to your hotel at 3 A.M.with a cat that sings Shania Twain [songs]."

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6.Limitlessis the continuation of the 2011 film about a man who can access 100 percent of his brain and do amazing things after ingesting a little pill.If you could take a pill that would do anything for you,what would it be and why?"I really wish I had an amazing answer to this question.Solve world hunger,stop oppression.Truth is,until you're on the pill,it's hard to predict how your enhanced brain would prioritize all the good you could do with the time you have.So until then,let's just say I'd go grab the mike at a TED Talk and wing it.Hopefully some good would come out of whatever NZT-driven rant I go on."

7.You worked withBradley CooperonAmerican Sniper,and then he pushed for your casting inLimitless(he's also an executive producer on the show).If you were to buy Bradley a thank you gift,what's the best thing you could possibly buy for him and why?"You bring up a great point.I really should think about getting him something.He's had such a great impact on my life in the past two years in so many ways.Well,he loves to dance.Fact.So maybe a surprise dance party?And for the main event,I'd thank him with an interpretive dance chronicling our friendship."


8.You'll be 30 next summer.What three goals do you have for yourself in your 30s?And what's your proudest accomplishment of your 20s?"Hmm...for my 30s,direct a film,record an album,and learn to cook.In my 20s,I had to drive a stick shift inAmerican Sniperwith Clint Eastwood in the car.[Except] I don't know how to drive a stick shift.I sort of do,but not well.Somehow I managed not to crash and ruin everything."

9.You did 74 episodes ofGreek.Which members of the cast do you still keep in touch with—and who would you most like to work with again?"We all keep in touch.We really do.I guess I see the boys the most,though.Scotty [Scott Michael Foster,"Cappie"],[Jacob] Zachar ["Rusty Cartwright"],and PJ [Paul James,"Calvin Owens"].We've all managed to stay very tight.And I would work with any of them again in a heartbeat.Whether it's on a new project altogether or aGreekreunion—count me in."

10.What's the last concert you went to see,and which of their song(s) did you rock out hardest to?"I actually can't remember the last concert I went to see.That's so embarrassing.I should be ashamed.I live in Brooklyn!They're everywhere!I just haven't had time.I think it might have been at Coachella a couple of years ago.I remember seeing Tame Impala and rocking out pretty hard to "Be Above It." But still that was awhile ago.I'm due."


Bonus: Tell us why we should tune in to the premiere ofLimitless."There's a lot of joy in our show.You're temporarily a genius.That can manifest in many ways,[through] music,language,forensics,computers,philosophy.Each week is like getting to download a new skill into your brain from the matrix."

Limitlesspremieres on CBS tonight at 10 P.M.ET.